I float toward the ring

like a baby

facing forward

held at arm's length

by a tall father

who walks across

a darkened room

it's all so effortless

I push the ring

which goes




(I can hear this

so I mustn't actually be

in space... )

and a sticky bubble

goes over me

(I feel like a baby tadpole

squiggling in its egg)

my eyes fill with blurry light

and then

I'm sucked into the alien ship

like a jellyfish

sucked into a vacuum cleaner

it's completely dark

inside the mother ship

and incredibly noisy

to me it sounds like

earth-moving machinery




screaming babies


straight away I know

(they must be communicating

with me)

that it's some sort

of alien pop concert

or serious symphony

then I realise

(they must be popping

ideas into my mind somehow)

that I can't see

and they can

because they see in


that are invisible to me

(I hope I don't get fried

by the radiation--

then I realise

why I'm in

the bubble-egg-sac-thingummy

to protect me,

of course... )

then I feel

creepy crawly spidery

finger things

poke and play with me

through the bubble

and then

pop (again)

it's, like, something

gets pushed through the bubble

and I feel whatever-it-is

they're like

big glasses or binoculars

or something


obviously I'm meant

to put them on

so I push them

toward my eyes

(which is not easy--

it's squashy in here)

and immediately

the things stick onto my face

like they've been there

since I was born



I can see

but it's not


I expected