I dream this dream every night.

I am eating an icecream on a stick. The icecream has words on it and I try to lick them off. The words get stuck on my tongue so I spit and they fly off and land on the ground. The words make a message, one word at a time, that prints itself on a stone path that leads to an archway in a wall. Each word is the same--FOLLOW. Sunlight streams through the archway. I run along the path and go right through the arch. On the other side it is like outer space, except that it's not black but a soft, orange colour, all glowing. I can still see the stars, though--and the huge spaceship, shaped like an egg, that floats before me.

I realise that I am standing on the edge of an abyss. With my feet I give a little push and step off. I float through the golden orange haze towards the spaceship. When I get close I see a thin dark ring on its surface.

It's the way in.