A Lego pirate

stumbles over me

like a clumsy robot

he has a little lunchbox

which falls open by mistake

and tiny plastic sandwiches

tinkle onto the glass

click, whirr...

the Lego pirate

tries to pick up

his sandwiches

but his hand

is solid plastic

it won't work

I feel sorry for him

but I can't help him

while I'm stuck in here

behind the glass

the pirate stumbles on

and a street sweeper machine

brushes over me

and sucks

all the sandwiches inside it

a lovely lunch

I think

mixed in with all

the dog turds


hundred dollar bills

and broken glass

I'm running out of air

and start to panic

I press against the glass

and scream muffled 'helps'

at the steady passing paws


a mother bear

is taking her kids shopping

one of the kids

points down at me

and laughs

but the mother bear

growls at him

looks closely at me

and suddenly

a worried expression

appears in her dark glass eyes

she summons a teddy


who says something

into a radio

within seconds

a huge firetruck

hushes to a halt above

I see the tread of its tyres

as it passes over

then it is gone and a

teddy firelady looks down

at me

she gets a big machine

and starts to drill

into the glass

right above my face

by now

I'm really freaking out

but I tell myself

Cool it, Sarah

you'll survive

as the drill bores through

the glass

it screams and grinds

then, thunk!

the drill breaks my teeth

like they were birthday candles

and the drill enters my mouth

it tastes like licorice

so I bite it off with my gums

and swallow

I keep chewing the licorice drill

and the firelady who's

attached to it


the firetruck

and the road and the casino

and the teddy bears

and the Lego pirate

and the whole

Teddy Bear Kingdom

I wake up

feeling absolutely