an awful beat

like rave music

never ceasing

pounds my skull

and thumps my body

I can't escape it

I'm not sure

if the beat

comes from

inside me

or outside me

and there's a sort of whine

like a police siren

on an old movie

or an air raid siren

that is boring into my head

like an electric drill

it feels like

some sort of brain surgery

gone wrong

it makes the different parts

that make up me

get all split up

cut out


into a metal rubbish bin

I'm disintegrating

turning into something else

a shoal of fish

a flock of birds

or sheep that scatter

on a hillside

when the wolf appears

I feel like a swarm of plankton

in a whale's mouth

about to be pressed

by its giant distorting tongue

against the baleen

then scraped off

and swallowed

into the inner