The beautiful blond female world champion skier, Julie, is expected to win gold at the Winter Olympics but I am concerned that everything is set up so perfectly for her that someone will want to attack and hurt her so she won't be able to compete.

So I decide to do her damage from which she will recover--in time to compete. Then no one else will want to hurt her. In any case, they wouldn't be as careful as I will be.

I see Julie from my car, standing in the snow in her blue ski suit. Using a low calibre, semi-automatic rifle, I fire. Two bullets penetrate her thigh.

Julie falls to the ground. Blood stains the snow. She looks at me, devastated. She cannot understand this cruelty. Then Julie's coach and boyfriend come up on a snowmobile. They seem to understand my reasoning.

I hope she recovers in time to win gold at the Winter Olympics.