I'm squashed into a transparent vitamin capsule that's being swallowed by a dinosaur. I shine a torch onto the throat of the dinosaur. I'm on a fantasy ride down a rough red passage. Streaks of mucus help me slip down, down.

Then I'm tossed about with hunks of meat and guts, etc, that the dinosaur has torn and swallowed from animals it has killed. I recognise the head of an Allosaurus--with teeth marks on it. Its glassy eye stares meaninglessly into the murk of the dinosaur's stomach. The Allosaurus's head and the other bits of meat and bone and guts are dissolving fast in the stomach juices. I wonder how long my capsule will last.

But before anything can happen I'm propelled (in my capsule) at high speed, out of the dinosaur's backside and across the landscape. Like some sort of rocket. I whistle past wheeling pterodactyls. I'm flying over the ocean.

A great clown face sits on the horizon like the rising sun. It opens its mouth. Here we go again!