My yoyo gets tangled every time I try to 'rock the baby'. It's difficult because I'm floating in the air, suspended between two high brick towers. Each of the towers has a clock face on it--two o'clock on one of them and half-past three on the other. Each time I try to spin the yoyo the clocks advance half an hour. Soon it gets dark and I'm left in black space, still fiddling with my yoyo.

The yoyo spins out of control and turns on its side, growing larger by the minute. It's some sort of spaceship. I look in through the portholes and see row upon row of stainless steel storage racks lit in a soft glow. Thousands of dinosaur eggs are arrayed on the racks. Each egg has a sign showing what species the egg is.

One of the eggs starts to crack open. Suddenly I'm inside the spaceship, trying to get the egg into a freezer to slow downthe hatching. It's not time yet. But the egg breaks open. Inside is a red rubber tube sprinkled with tiny stars.