Karnyalimenya School letterhead


Dear Dr Claire

Now I'm being serious. I've been deaf from birth. Everyone says I cope very well. I sign and everything and I have a lot of deaf friends but I don't have a signing interpreter at Karnyalimenya.

I lip-read well, though, when I'm not tired. I'm a happy sort of guy, really. I even play the violin. (That's my joke, really. But don't tell anyone else. They all feel sorry for me and don't want to tell me how terrible it is. So I always insist on playing at school concerts...I wonder how long I will get away with this for? I love seeing the excruciating expressions on their faces!)

Which brings me to my question...

Mum and Dad have been talking about getting me a bionic ear. (Although I thought two would be more useful.) I don't know if I want to hear. I'm scared because I have heard that some people get paralysed faces if the operation goes wrong. What if I wait till I'm older? Technology might improve. I'm just not sure about this and would welcome your advice.

PS I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. One of the best lawyers in Australia is deaf. My sister said she heard him on the radio using Andrew Denton's voice.

Yours realistically

Farrel Corcoran

PS: Deaf is another nation.