Dear Con

I'm sorry. I have just realised I only answered the first part of your question about glue. You want to know why glue doesn't stick to the tube or whatever it's stored in.

Remember I told you about two different kinds of glue.

Glue that is dissolved in a liquid isn't sticky inside the tube because (if the lid is on) it can't dry out.

The other type of glue is activated by moisture in the air and moisture on the surfaces that you want to stick together. In the tube there is no moisture.

Also, most glues will only stick to something that has a mixed up electric charge on its surface. This applies to most surfaces. But the tube that a glue like Krazy Glue comes in is made from polyethylene, a slippery plastic that has an even electric charge on its surface. So there's no way the glue can stick to the inside of the tube.

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire


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