Dear Milford McAlister

It depends what you mean by 'true'.

This is what most people think who have studied this problem.

The Bible is not true as history. Although there are some real people and events recorded in it.

The Bible is a collection of things that mostly Jewish men have written (over hundreds of years and a long time ago) about their experiences of the universe and their responses to God.

Millions of people (Jews, Christians and others) have got a lot out of reading the books of the Bible over the last 2000 years or so. This is because it helps them develop their own relationship with God.

Of course many of those people believed that the Bible was literally true. The problem is, most of it has been edited and rewritten so much that it has changed from the original myths and legends and histories and poems and laws and letters and so on. They are a reflection of how some people in the world found life for them, then.

But that doesn't mean it doesn't hold truth for us, now.

A wise person once said that truth is like water. You can hold a little bit of it in a glass in your hand (and drink it if you want to) but there is plenty more out in the vast ocean.

So respect and use the Bible. And hold the same attitude towards the scriptures of other religions, if that fits with your tradition.

If you are a real seeker, maybe one day you will discover some new truth for yourself to share with others.

Yours sincerely 


Virginia R. Claire

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