Dear Frith


You definitely don't have a yellow brain. No one has. Probably your teacher is referring to how you think and learn with your brain.

To make sure, I rang up my friend Kim who explained that some educators believe there are four main ways that people learn. Any particular person uses a combination of them. To make it easy to remember, a colour is used for each learning style.

Can you think of anyone like this?

Yellow: You are always looking for connections between different ideas and pieces of information. You look for the 'big picture'. You love big ideas that seem to explain everything. You love it when you discover a new idea that explains things that didn't make sense before.

If that describes how you think then your teacher's right: you are a 'yellow' learner.

The other learning-style colours are blue, red and green.

Of course most people are a mixture of all or some of these traits.

But yellow is a nice colour.

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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