Dear poor student

This is a common problem. Every one experiences it at some time. But if you are experiencing it a lot then perhaps one of the following things applies to you:

Are you hungry?

 Are you tired?

Are you worried about something?

Have you trained yourself not to pay attention?

Do you talk too much with your friends?

Now we come to something important that applies to some people. It might apply to you or it might not.

Do you have a medical disorder that makes it hard for you to concentrate?

So there's one more possible cause for your problem...

Are you bored?

Here are a few helpful tricks to finish with...

And here's one more weird idea that just might help.

Dear good student, this is a complicated letter. So go back and read it again.

I hope you find something useful in it that suits you.

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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