Dear Kevin (and Dudley)

Dandruff is caused by the skin on your scalp having too much stress.

(Your scalp is the skin on the top of your head.)

Most people who sleep under a doona (or duvet or continental quilt) get too hot at night. The upper part of their body, especially their scalp, sweats a lot. If the scalp is dry then the sweat can't escape properly and it damages the skin.

But the main damage is done by using shampoo--which is really a powerful detergent. It dries the skin and damages it so much that the skin comes off in little flakes--that's dandruff.

Using conditioner will help put the water and grease back in your scalp--and help it to keep its natural softness and strength.

Leather is made from the skin of animals. Once upon a time, people used 'spit and polish'--water and grease with the right colour in it--to keep the leather uppers of their shiny shoes soft and supple and waterproof and clean.

In other words, water and grease is what skin needs to be healthy.

In fact, the best way to keep healthy, beautiful hair and a healthy scalp is only to wash your hair with conditioner. Don't use shampoo at all. Your hair will get greasier for a few weeks but after about eight weeks it will get a very good condition and only require washing about twice a week.

While we're on the subject...

Your skin can be badly affected by shampoo as it trickles all over you in the shower.

And soap does even more damage--including upsetting the normal balance of healthy bacteria on your skin.

When you have a shower it's best only to use a combination of glycerine and water--or, if you like, use gel that you squeeze out of a pump-pack. You skin will be clean without damage and, when you're older, you probably won't need to use deoderant much.

And try sleeping with blankets, rather than a doona or duvet.

(I bet you didn't expect that advice!)

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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