Dear Mungo

Smoking will do all kinds of dreadful things to you. But most of them won't be things you start to notice immediately.

It's very hard to tell if smoking stunts growth because you never know how you might have turned out anyway. But it probably does stunt your growth because it stops your body getting all the oxygen that it needs. And it puts all sorts of poisons into you.

Certainly, if pregnant mothers smoke their babies tend to be smaller than the babies of non-smoking mothers. So they may be stunted right from the very beginning. And probably those babies will be slightly less intelligent than they could have been. They even tend to have smaller brains. And their lungs might damaged when they're born.

We do know a lot of very bad things that smoking does to you so don't think your growth is the least of your problems (if you mean your height) but certainly the worst thing smoking effects will be your health, eventually, if not sooner . Even things like bad backs are related to smoking...things that you would never expect.

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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