Dear Dudley

No. Men can't have babies.

Babies develop in a womb. A man doesn't have a womb so he can't have a baby.

But some rare pregnancies in women occur outside the womb, in or near the place where a baby is normally conceived. This is called an ectopic pregnancy. But in this case the baby can't attach to a placenta, so it doesn't get a good blood supply. The baby can't grow properly if it starts life outside the womb.

Remember--this is a very unusual thing to happen.

I think there have been a couple of bizarre experiments in the United States where they've implanted fetuses in men. But there's nothing else in the body apart from the womb that's set up with the right sort of blood vessels. So the babies have to be attached to other blood vessels connected to some other organ.

Before the baby is anywhere near big enough that other organ starts to break down and new blood vessels start to grow in the wrong places. Then the person has bleeding problems.

So the experiments have gone no further.

By the way, there's an Arnold Schwarzenneger movie in which Arnie becomes pregnant as part of a medical experiment. I guess he quite enjoys a role where he can play the gentle maternal type!

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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