Dear Candy

Basically, your body is programmed--a bit like a computer program that tells the computer what to do.

All the things that happen from when you grow from a single cell all the way through until you die is organised by a program that tells your body what to do next and how things should go. That's inherited information. It comes in your genes.

As you get older you accumulate various bits of damage so a lot of things in your body aren't as good as when you were younger. Also, cells start to die and the new ones that replace them aren't quite as good.

Some parts of the body get stiffer and don't work so well because lots of extra tiny connections are made where damage has occurred.

We observe similar things happening in every part of the body. We don't really know why it happens...but basically we just wear out.

When you die (a natural death) you just stop. Something that is fundamental to your body continuing on has stopped working well enough.

With some very old people we don't really know why they die. They just seem to dwindle away and one day they just stop and there's no one particular thing that seems to have caused it although there must have been some final last straw.

Perhaps sometimes people just decide that it's time.

However it happens, you can see that death is necessary.

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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