Dear Milford

The questions you kids ask!

Anyway, the Internet was helpful for this one. I think what follows is true...

Paul Anderson lifted 2847kg in June 1957. The weights were on a table attached to Paul Anderson's back harness. Paul stood above the table on a platform and...up they went!

By the way, Milford. Paul Anderson started training as a teenager by putting a brick in a sack, holding the sack between his teeth and lifting it off the ground in a dead lift movement. Every now and then he put an extra brick in the sack. He went on to be the heavyweight gold medalist in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

Paul Anderson and his wife cared for a family of 20 children (not all their own!) for many years in Vidalia, Georgia, USA.

So the story goes.

But it depends on what sort of lift you are talking about.

The relevant International Powerlifting Federation record for greatest weight lifted would be one of these:

Shane Hamman (USA) squatted 447.5kg at Houston on 31 July this year (1994). (He was still a junior when he performed this lift!)

Lars Noren (Sweden) deadlifted 406.0kg at Goteborg on 10 April 1988.

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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