Dear Nick

There's probably nothing you can do about whether you grow up to be gay or not, although it is very unlikely. There is only a very small proportion of the population who is really gay or lesbian.

We don't really know what makes a person gay but it seems that it is determined before the perons is born.

But if someone is gay it is important to realise that gay men are usually happy, healthy and fulfilled human beings. It's not your sexual preference that is important but how you learn to be a loving, caring person, whether you are gay or straight.

Now, about AIDS...

AIDS is something that can be caught by all sorts of people, not just gay men. You probably know that, even if someone is gay, they can protect themselves from AIDS (and lots of other diseases) by always wearing a condom when they have sex. The other essential thing--if someone takes drugs using a needle--is to never share a needle with anyone else.

If you are sensible like this when you grow up then you will be almost certainly safe from AIDS and other diseases like it.

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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