Dear Bobby

Do you mean run faster? Well that is true. Generally boys can mostly run faster than girls. Boys and girls are physically different. That's why, in games, when they get older, boys and girls compete separately in most sports because boys' physique is different. By and large, boys are taller than girls. They have longer legs. The anatomy and architecture of their bodies are different.

There is an interesting reason for this (we think).

When humans were first around there wasn't always enough food and life was dangerous. People didn't live very long. So it was useful for females to have babies early so that the children would be old enough to look after themselves before their parents died.

So girls had go grow up quicker than boys so that they would be ready to have babies. Girls still do grow up quicker than boys, on the average. So girls don't have as many years to keep growing taller as boys do. It may be as simple as that.

Also, girls' bodies have to be different because they have to carry babies inside them and give birth. So it helps for their hips to be a bit wider (on the average).

Long ago all humans lived by hunting and gathering. Because men didn't have babies to look after they could go further and faster to look for animals to hunt. May be it was useful then for them to have longer, stronger legs and a strong upper body with big shoulders to throw things better. Who knows? This is just a theory. Some scientists have evidence that a long time ago men were actually much smaller than women.

It's a fascinating subject. But remember: there's not all that much difference between females and males. Think of girls being 51% female and 49% male...and boys as being 51% male and 49% female. It's something like that.

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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