Dear Alanna L.

Before your next period buy some tampons. Try one and see if it feels comfortable. If it does then try it when your period comes.

If it works for you then well and good. But if you find you prefer pads of some kind then that's OK, too. Some girls and women use pads when their periods begin and tampons later. It all depends what suits you. Experiment a bit and find out.

Tampons are pretty helpful if you are going to be involved in swimming or some athletic activity. Don't worry--a tampon can't fall out while you're running or playing sport. The muscles of your vagina will hold it in all right.

There is a myth that a girl or woman who is a virgin can't easily wear a tampon because her hymen is still intact and it's a bit hard to get the tampon into her vagina. This is simply not true.

The hymen is a thin fold of tissue that covers most of the opening to the vagina. The hymen always has a convenient opening for menstrual blood to flow through. Usually this hole is also the right size for a tampon to fit through. But occasionally it is not. If that is the case then you have the choice of leaving your hymen intact until the first time you have sex or you can gently break the hymen yourself.

It's up to you.

By the way, there are some important things you do need to know about wearing a tampon.

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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