Dear Carina Ambroz

You've probably noticed that most humans (and many animals) find small animals cute. They feel as though they want to protect the baby so they want to look after it and give it lots of attention.

This cuteness instinct is so strong that we even carry it over to fluffy toys and things that remind us of helpless babies or animals.

It is certainly good for the human baby. It means that the baby will be cared for and it will have eye contact and cuddles and talking and food and so on...all things that help the baby develop as it should.

Cuteness must run deep because it seems to be shared by many of the mammals that have big brains...because they're the ones whose babies need most help when they're little and their brains are still growing.

The human baby's brain is less mature at birth than any other animal's. That's because human's brains have to grow bigger than most other animals and become more complicated than any of them. So it's important to have protection for the baby while it is young and defenceless and still has so much to learn. The children of people who didn't have 'cute' feelings or didn't love their babies wouldn't survive. So pretty soon there would be hardly any one who didn't have some gooey feelings about cute kids.

Yours sincerely 

Virginia R. Claire

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